LISTEN: illustration for 'Rules for Communing with Spirits' on Fireside Fiction.

GRIT AND GOLD: map based on a brief for Tyler Whiteside's 'The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn', created for a SmArt School class.

SORCERERS ROYAL: alternative cover for Zen Cho's 'Sorcerer to the Crown'. See the process behind this image.

MAGIC AND MAYHEM: character portraits for Zen Cho's 'Sorcerer to the Crown'.

Jentayu, Vol. 6: Amours et Sensualités.

OMELAS: based on a short story by Ursula LeGuin, created at the IMC 2018. Read more.

Jentayu, Vol. 6: Amours et Sensualités.

LONGEVITY: piece for the FOODIES show at Light Grey Art Lab.

IMAGINATION: illustration for Singapore International Foundation.


A NATION VOTES: Sketch reporting from Malaysia's 14th General Elections for New Naratif. Read all three illustrated articles here.

A LIFE BEYOND BOUNDARIES: Cover illustration for Gerakbudaya. See the process for this image.

MALAYSIAN CHRYSANTHEMUM: The Protest Flowers series, 2016.

'A Light in the Darkness' for COLOR ANTHROPOLOGY at Light Grey Art Lab, 2017. Read more.


I'm an illustrator and educator based in Penang, Malaysia. I love making pictures that evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity; my work brings to life fictional worlds and current issues for books, games, and more.


Wraparound cover for GILA by Hanna Alkaf.

Selected Clients

George Town Literary Festival, Crossed Genres, Gerakbudaya, Editions Jentayu, Esquire Malaysia, Fireside Fiction, Tenaganita, ABAAD.

 Designs based on  Pacific Rim  for the Geeky Baju Project.

Designs based on Pacific Rim for the Geeky Baju Project.

Self-Directed Projects

I also enjoy developing cool ideas on my own and working on projects with others. Head to the Projects & Sketches page where you'll find geeky Southeast Asian garments, tales of A Stranger Malaysia, protest flower posters, zines, and more.

Graphic Recording

Being able to understand, interpret, and visualise information quickly is a useful skill. I take graphic recording engagements on a freelance basis.

Past events/clients include: Tokyo Fintech Summit, TEDxKL, Cambridge Assessment English, PwC HK, Wharton Global Forum HK 2017.