Ink and Photoshop
12 x 16" (2017)

Included in the Infected by Art #6 annual and 3x3 Illustration Show No. 15.

Created for Light Grey Art Lab's show COLOR ANTHROPOLOGY. 

As night falls, protestors settle down on pavements and roads, bathed in the glow of street lamps. They are surrounded by umbrellas, flowers, banners, clothing, placards, tents, all a bright yellow.

Yellow has been the symbol of pro-democracy protests in countries like Hong Kong and Malaysia in the past ten years. Though change is often frustratingly out of reach, and the barriers to better and more egalitarian governance may seem immovable, seeing people come together is still a cause for hope.

Here gleaming aureolin chrysanthemums represent the myriad hues one can find at demonstrations. They call attention to the symbols that represent a crowd’s wishes, ideals, and demands.

While we celebrate the power of social movements, we must also consider how colour can be used or co-opted - indeed, how colour shapes the world.

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