Ink and Photoshop
12 x 16" (2017)

Included in the Infected by Art #6 annual and 3x3 Illustration Show No. 15. Prints available here.

This is my full piece for Light Grey Art Lab's brand new gallery show COLOR ANTHROPOLOGY, which explores how colour shaped the world. Yellow has been the symbol of pro-democracy protests in countries like Hong Kong and Malaysia, where I live, in the past ten years. I chose aureolin as a representative of the various yellows one can find at demonstrations, and I wanted its infusion of the flower and umbrella symbols to be the focus of the piece, not the protestors. It's fascinating how colour can be used or co-opted to have various meanings and stand for different ideals - yellow is also the colour of royalty in Malaysia, but apparently conveys cowardice in some Western countries.

The show went up in the gallery on April 21st, and there are so many excellent pieces in it, I'd encourage you to go if you're in the Minneapolis area. Thanks to Lindsay, Jenny, and James for organizing the show and putting this up!

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