For Light Grey Art Lab's Tobeyou, a show about personal narrative, tales, storytelling and memory: an illustrated poem about journeying through grief, based on the journal I kept while going through a recent break-up.

Edition of 6, 25"x 7" - 10 pages
Archival print, accordion book format
Originals painted in sumi ink and gouache

Available at the Light Grey Art Lab shop.

I've also made a Malay-English zine version (right) in collaboration with Nor Huda Mohd Izam, who did a wonderful job of translating the poem text to Malay; it's available on request at limited amounts.


Working with Sumi ink for this was a meditative process - it is impossible to control precisely when wet, so learning to accept serendipity and surprises is key. Like fear, shadows in ink appear harsh and black when wet, but dry to a smooth, sooty grey, not quite the stuff of nightmares. Despair and sadness will pass with time, and leave traces that can be shaped into lessons, memory, art.

For the show, this was printed as an accordion book that's 25"x7", with images on both sides. There are only six accordion books in existence, which you can purchase at the LGAL shop. Thanks to Lindsay, Jenny, and James at Light Grey Art Lab for the opportunity to be a part of this!