I’m Charis, and I make pictures that evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity. 

Art matters. Stories matter. Both bring people together - that's what I believe. I enjoy bringing to life fantastical worlds that are rooted in real world cultures or issues.

Based in Malaysia, I also work on community arts and culture projects with Arts-ED Penang.


Get in touch at: charis@charisloke.com

Press and other stuff I’ve worked on:

  • Margaux Bédé from Radio France followed our team around for the first VR film hackathon in Southeast Asia as we brainstormed, filmed, and put together our interactive experience 'LUMI, Lights On'. I also did a radio interview on BFM 89.9’s I Love KL segment, where I talk about the Geeky Baju Project, wax lyrical about Tolkien, and more. There's an interview with The Sun Daily, speaking about being an illustrator and teacher in Malaysia as well as my influences, and another interview with Fireflyz, the in-flight magazine for Firefly Airlines.
  • Geeky Southeast Asian clothes designs, featured on Poskod.my and Mashable
  • Drawing and visual storytelling workshops for teachers and teens. I taught English and Visual Art in public high schools for a couple of years.
  • Virion - an educational game on immunology, targeted at high school students. This won the 2010-2011 Hidden Agenda/ Zynga Facebook game competition.
  • Project What’s After SPM - a compilation of stories of what people did with their lives after the end of mandatory schooling in Malaysia. It is currently still retailing in major local bookstores.

What I Do

Editorial and book illustrations, visual art teaching and workshops.

Selected Shows

2018 - Foodies, Light Grey Art Lab
2017 - Parallel, Light Grey Art Lab
2017 - Human+, ArtScience Museum
2017 - Colour Anthropology, Light Grey Art Lab
2017 - PLAY, Hin Bus Depot Gallery
2017 - Tobeyou, Light Grey Art Lab
2016 - Reflections 25.04.16, Patan Museum, Kathmandu/ Atrium Gallery, UWE Bristol
2015 - MAD Science, Raksasa Print Studio
2015 - Erti 3.0, University Malaya Art Gallery


2018 - Honorable Mention, Illustration West 56
2017 - Winner, 48hr VR Film Jam SG (team)
2016 - Merit Award, 3x3 Int'l Illustration Show

Artwork accepted into:
Infected By Art 6
3x3 Annual 13, 15