Calling Southeast Asian artists - SOUND: A Comics Anthology

Exciting news: Difference Engine, a Singapore-based independent comics publisher, is putting together their first anthology. I’ll be co-editing along with Budjette Tan, a Filipino creative director and comics writer known for TRESE, which is being adapted into a Netflix anime series.

Looking forward to seeing what SEA creators come up with!

Head over to their site to read more details and submit.

Recently I’ve been taking on more of an art director role as Comics + Illustrations Editor for New Naratif (plus editing this anthology). It’s been interesting to be on the “other side”, so to speak, and see what goes into the making of a publication. I’ve a lot of respect for what ADs do!

Having said that, I am still working away at various illustrations, and will always be up for interesting projects centered around great storytelling. Stay tuned for more.