Lukisan dan catatan tentang cara orang bekerja di pasar, dihasilkan oleh pelukis muda

16 youth created the content of this zine over the span of five days in November 2016. They studied different areas of ergonomics in Chowrasta Market, learning how vendors worked, and thinking of ways to improve their working conditions. Through multiple interviews with vendors, on-site sketching, and photography, they collected data about work practices to analyse. They also learned figure and observational drawing, enabling them to communicate their findings through illustration. There is a wealth of local knowledge still not communicated through the zine - you'll have to speak to the young artists themselves to hear stories of the vendors, their challenges, and their hopes. 

The 'Sketch the Sifu' illustration workshop was part of Youth Arts Camp 2016, under the Cultural Heritage Education Programme run by Arts-ED and GTWHI. As an artist programmer, I created the workshop framework and lesson plans, conducted activities, and guided participants in their exploration of ergonomics, with the help of two other facilitators. If you have questions about the pedagogical framework of the camp or conducting place-based workshops with the arts as a medium, feel free to get in touch with Arts-ED (

You can download a PDF copy (5.3MB) for personal reading or non-commercial distribution with attribution. Arts-ED and the creators of the zine make no claim as to the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information contained therein. 

Illustrations and text (c) the respective creators. This zine is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-ND-NC 4.0 license.