Let's talk about making pictures for your story, cause, or project. Describing what you are looking for will help me understand how to work with you to produce something we can be proud of.


When you commission work, I will first discuss the scope and needs of the project with you. Upon agreement of the terms, I create several rough sketches for your approval; I will then create the final art based on the sketch we agree upon.

If you are a writer submitting a manuscript to a publisher, do note that publishers will typically want to choose illustrators themselves. Here is a guide for self-published writers looking to hire illustrators; here are recommended rates for the US, UK, and Australia.

As is standard industry practice recommended by organisations like AIGA and the Graphic Artist Guild, I will send you a contract with a license to use the illustration for an agreed purpose and period of time (also known as 'usage rights'). The copyright to the illustrations and ownership of original artwork remains with me. Should you require full buyout of copyright, this results in fees around three to five times higher.

If you commission an illustration and change your mind and cancel or reject it after work has begun, a percentage of the final fee still applies. This depends on the amount of work completed.


If you'd prefer to email, say hi at!

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