Sketches, stories, and characters inspired by Southeast Asian cultures and realities.

The Geeky Baju Project

Southeast Asian garment designs based on books, films, and video games.

Geng Durian , ink on watercolour paper.

Geng Durian, ink on watercolour paper.

A Stranger Malaysia

Drawings and stories in a speculative fantasy vein. 

Market Markings

Observations of vendors at wet markets.

A Map for Mourning

Zine containing an illustrated poem, with text in Malay and English.

Waste It, Draw It

A visual record of waste. A personal research project coinciding with #inktober2017.

Protest flowers

Say it loud and proud with these posters, available for public use.

Rally Sketches

Vignettes from the rally for clean and fair elections in Malaysia.

Education and Non-profit Work


Chowrasta Sisa Investigators

Illustrated typography posters about waste generation and management at the wet market and beyond, produced by young artists.

Character designs for the project.

Character designs for the project.

MYReaders Literacy Kit

Character designs and illustrations for a reading programme, featuring Malaysian characters in a local setting.

Chowrasta at Work

A zine about ergonomics at the wet market, produced by young artists.