Bunga Bantahan/ Protest Flowers

Flowers to express your sentiments / Bunga membantu perluahan perasaan

Flowers are fraught with symbolism - the chrysanthemum's multiple layers signifying immortality, the morning glory's tenacity at climbing and impermanence - and make for lovely visual imagery. They've also been part of protests for years. Their organic fragility and colour are counterpoints to the cold steel of guns and cell bars.

Kekwa Malaysia

In Asian culture, the chrysanthemum stands for longevity and immortality, as well as joy and happiness. It's often seen in homes and places of worship in Malaysia.

Rise and Resist

The morning glory stands for impermanence and in some cases, unrequited love - that of a citizen for their country and government - but it is also a creeping plant, adept at climbing walls and slipping through bars. You only have so long to live - how will you spend it?

Defiant Hibiscus/ Bebas Maria, Mansuh Sosma

The floral symbol of the country, crushed under the boot of authoritarian rule and abuse of the law. Solitary confinement is torture. Usage of this on a civil activist calling for fair and clean elections is tantamount to inhumane treatment, intimidation, and draconian application of a law.

Resilient Cactus/ Usah Gentar

Fear not. Resilient Cactus and its bright yellow blossoms stand unmoved, despite all of the challenges and difficulties beating down on them. 

Beloved Lotus/ Free Maria

The lotus is known for its purity and beauty despite growing in muddy water. In an age of corruption, surrounded by dirty tactics and acts, what will you do? Will you be like the lotus? Will you protect the lotuses?

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